Case Management software
for P&I Correspondents

Handle your cases efficiently. Take smart decisions. Everywhere. Anytime.

FullAhead is the only paperless web-based claims manager created by P&I Correspondents for P&I Correspondents. FullAhead provides a robust workflow for your entire business, which allows you to organize, follow up, respond and analyze all you claims efficiently, no matter where you are. All data produced it is at hand for you to get quick and unprecedented insight of your cases both individually and collectively. Systemized workflow and your own bigdata will take you and your staff one step ahead.


Live you live Time Tracking. Invoice easy.

Fullahead workflow provides a handful of options to register easily and on real time your Time & Trouble, Fixed Fees or Expenses. As you go, you will be able to automatically track all the time spent on each of your files. Or otherwise you can also log manually the time, fees and expenses. Either way FullAhead will produce a detailed and accurate note of fees and expenses reflecting your work faithfully on each invoice. Dramatically reduce unproductive time calculating and drafting note of fees and expenses, on a transparent and straightforward basis.

Protect your data. Operate safely.

Full Ahead is powered by Microsoft Azure technology to protect your data. Microsft leads the industry in establishing clear security and privacy requirements and then consistently meeting these requirements. Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards, including Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS. Rigorous third-party audits, such as those done by the British Standards Institute, verify Azure’s adherence to the strict security controls these standards mandate.

More certifications than any other cloud provider.


Your business in your pocket

We found FullAhead a very practical tool which facilitates the Correspondent work for the Clubs. It compiles all the necessary information in just one place allowing us an effective supervision of the development of the cases. Thanks to its paperless basis we have saved time and money avoiding printing and hard files.

During our fifty years as P&I Correspondents we have seen how this business has been changing as the technology and communication developed. One of the keys to remain as a leading P&I Correspondent has been our ability to adapt and anticipate to those developments. From postal letters to internet, the never-ending increase on speed and quantity of communications have been the key technologies changing our work in the XX century. FullAhead represents to our Company the kick-off for the technologies and working scheme coming up in this XXI century.

As a Legal P&I Correspondent, FullAhead has been very useful for us. The Application is very complete and it allowed us to digitize our files in an integral way, linking documentation, emails and information all in one place and with access from anywhere. Definitely a great tool for case management that is helping us to save time, improving the productivity of our office.

Gustavo Ruggiero – Senior Partner
Ruggiero & Fernandez Llorente (Buenos Aires)

Capt. Alejandro Laborde – Managing Partner
Chadwick Weir Navegacion S.A. (Montevideo).

Mr. Alberto P. Trigub – Managing Partner
Pandi Liquidadores SRL (Buenos Aires)




3 Plans for any organization


1 to 15 users

– 600 Files per Year

– Full Support

– Web and Moble

– Reporting

– Alerts

u$s 480/mo


16 to 50 users

– 1,500 Files per Year

– Full Support

– Web and Moble

– Reporting

– Alerts

u$s 690/mo


+50 users

– 3,600 Files per Year

– Full Support

– Web and Moble

– Reporting

– Alerts

– Training and Support Online

– u$s 50 for additional user

u$s 999/mo

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